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Mock Interviews

To prepare the students for the next stages, i.e. Group Discussion (GD) and Interview, classes are conducted in Communication Skills which include basic communication skills, GD and Interview basics; mock GDs, mock Interviews (HR & Technical) and Psychometric tests.

Group Discussion (GD)
A topic-based discussion amongst a number of participants evaluating knowledge, skills and attitude. A test of initiative, innovation, group behavior, verbal and non-verbal communication.

Group Activity / Group Exercise / Group Task
An activity undertaken by a group of candidates towards an objective - explicit or otherwise. A test of initiative, innovation, alacrity and group behavior.

Case Study / Case Analysis
A social / political / business / abstract situation analyzed by candidates in a group discussion set-up or otherwise. Test of problem solving skills on the face of uncertainty, ambiguity and information constraint.

Personal Interview (PI)
A one-to-one or a many-to-one set-up. A panel comprising one or more members evaluates the candidate's Hard Skills and Soft skills. A test of Academic. Professional. Extra-curricular. Work and General Knowledge related competence. A veritable 360-degree appraisal.

Group Interview
A one-to-many or a many-to-many set-up. A panel comprising one or more members evaluates multiple candidates in tandem. A test of Hard Skills and Soft skills in a group set-up.

Essay Writing / Written Ability Test (WAT)
A test of topic interpretation, thought organization. language. presentation and written communication skills. Also known by various names including but not restricted to Written Communication Test (WCT) and Academic Writing Test (AWT).

A test of alacrity, topic interpretation, thought organization, language, presentation, ratiocinative, verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Psychometric Testing
A test of a candidate's attitude, consistency and emotional quotient.