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Welcome To IMCE
No dream is too big. No problem is so huge, that it cannot have a solution. No solution is so genius, that it cannot be understood.

You, can do it on your own, all by yourself. Yes, that’s true.
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Why IMCE ?

    Because, the secret to competitive success, does not lie in the solution of the problem. It is the METHOD of the solution that makes all the difference between the winners and the rest.

  • Time is one of the two most important factors in these examinations. A faster method ensures that you are winning the race against time,
  • Accuracy forms the next important factor. For that, you need an easy method, so that you can twist it, turn it; improvise it, just as the questions change themselves. So, these two criteria ensure that you reach the correct solution in faster and easier than everybody else. This ensures that our students win. This is what we promise in IMCE. The fastest and easiest methods.
  • In IMCE , we realize that every student comes from a different background. We understand that there are many students who are scared of maths. So we start every chapter from the scratch. You can ask us anything you want. We will surely solve all your problems. We will answer, as many times as you ask, until we remove your fears from the very roots. There is nothing to be scared of.
  • We promise to work hard, with you. In imce you will be given personal doubt clearing sessions, where all your doubts will be solved. And here you can even ask about problems that have been solved in earlier classes. “ask anything and everything”- that is the moto of these classes. This is the our way of telling our students – “we care for you, each of you…. We don’t expect you to be the best, for it’s our job to make you the best” “you are all equal. Equally good”
  • We have saved the best for the last. In imce, we give you a magic box. Did you know, that any problem, however tough, always has a one or two-step process to solve it. And the solution is so easy and simple that it will open before your eyes like a magic trick! You are bound to be amazed! This is our unique feature, our pride. We have gradually worked towards these methods by years of hard work and research from different sources. Now, we are satisfied. Now we can help you realize your dreams. Be surprised by something different! This is where we invite you to our free demo classes. This is going to be an interactive session. We give you tricky problems. You solve as fast as you can. And then we open our magic box--- our two-step trick!
  • You are our inspiration. Your dreams are the very reason, we built imce. And if we can turn the dreams in your eyes, to reality, then imce has found its endeavor.